The Next Peak Business Solutions Team

 John SoricelliJohn Soricelli (Owner, Business Strategist)

John worked for IBM for more than 31 years. He earned an associate’s degree in Accounting, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Economics and a master’s degree in Management.

John has held a wide variety of positions at IBM. As a result, he acquired a broad range of skills, including but not limited to manufacturing, international logistics, accounting, data analysis, project and program management, quality, business process management, leadership. John has held leadership positions in these areas. 

After John’s successful career at IBM, he had a vision to help business owners with the skills and abilities he's acquired over the last three decades. This was the driving force behind his creating Next Peak Business Solutions.

Clients hire Next Peak to help them identify and focus on the things that will make them successful. Putting plans in place to ensure proper priorities and focus, are critical to the success of his clients. 

John separates himself from his competition with the business experience he has. Real world experience that yields results in all areas of engagement. He is not a "franchise coach". John has developed his own proprietary approach and methods using his own experience - knowing what works and what does not.